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Premium Logistics Services

With advanced fleet and a comprehensive network of terminals throughout Canada and USA, we are committed to offer swift and premium logistics services every day. We use the best minds in the industry to create innovative dedicated solutions, customized to suit your ever-changing business needs. Our transportation management system is designed specifically to minimize network disruption, keep your operations moving, and improve customer service.

On average, we help businesses like yours to save up to 30 percent in costs, achieve 50 percent increase in efficiency, and improve on-time delivery and pick up to 99 percent. Through strategic planning, people, process, and technology, you can enjoy the greatest level of control on your transportation network.

Our Services

We offer safe, reliable, and innovative asset-based transportation solutions to Canada and the America's leading industries. Our expanding suite of transportation services serves as a critical link between you and your customers.


Shipping palletized Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipments can sometimes be a challenge for shippers. We make shipping of your palletized freight simple, reliable, and cost-effective by allowing you to pay only for the trailer space that you require. We have sophisticated pricing systems in place to offer you the best possible price, and the quality of our equipment ensures your LTL freight is fully protected at all times.

Full Truck Load

We offer our customers fast, reliable, and flexible full truckload (FTL) transportation services throughout North America. Our goal is to implement optimization programs and utilize modernized fleet equipped with modern technology to meet a wide range of full truckload delivery requirements, provide accurate shipment tracking, protect your freight, and keep your cost under control.


Moving time-sensitive shipments can sometimes be demanding. LSI Logistix’s expedited service has got you covered when your freight is on a tight schedule. We have been moving time-sensitive shipments for several shippers for more than 20 years.

Your Asset-Based Logistics Partner

Industries We Serve!

Our extensive experience in automotive logistics enables us to provide automotive supply chain solutions that guarantee output efficiency, just-in-time parts delivery, and secure transportation. We aim to make your automotive supply chain transparent, so that you always have complete control over your operations.

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We are a one-stop supply chain solutions provider to food and beverage industry helping our customers overcome their challenges related to shipping sensitive-to-pressure and temperature-controlled products. With food and beverage experts onboard, we ensure all your logistics and supply chain operations are completely optimized from farm to fork.

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We streamline your inventories, manage global sourcing and reduce transportation costs, while helping you remain competitive, flexible and responsive, to provide better customer service to your end users. Our end-to-end retail supply chain solutions aim to deliver visibility and control to overcome all the challenges of the retail industry.

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